Ring Video Doorbell Pro Home Security Device Review

The Ring Pro Video Doorbell offers you a way to get better security for your home so you can have real peace of mind. If you want to effectively protect the front of your home and always know who is at your door, this product is certainly worth looking into. While it’s true that video doorbells have been around for a little while now, there are a number of things that make this one truly unique. This security product has been featured in Fast Company as well as Time Magazine and even on the popular TV show Shark Tank. If you want to step up your home security, it’s highly recommended that you look into this option.


One of the first things that you will be sure to notice about the Ring Pro Video Doorbell is the fact that it’s pretty small. In fact, a lot of people who purchase this product say that it’s even smaller than they thought it would be. It measures a total of 4.5” x 1.85” x .8”, making it significantly shorter and slimmer than the original model. This discreet overall design of this video doorbell is definitely a good thing considering what it’s used for.

Video Quality

The 1080p video resolution makes for an incredible image when you want to see who is at your door. The previous model of this product only produced 720p resolution, so it is considerable improvement. With this new model you will be able to see whoever is at your front door with crystal clarity so that you can make out even small details. The video quality is definitely very impressive overall.

Interchangeable Faceplates

One of the neat things about this video doorbell is that it allows you to change the color of the faceplate when you want. A lot of these devices come in a solid color that you cannot change, but that is not the case with this one. You will be able to choose from a number of different colors to achieve just the right aesthetic for the front of your home.


There is definitely a huge difference when it comes to how this device connects to your home when compared to the previous model. The Pro model requires that you have a current hardwired doorbell so that the device can remain powered and functional without a battery. This means that you won’t get a rechargeable battery like you would with the original model. Some people like this while others do not. If you do not have a doorbell, you will not be able to integrate the Pro model. But with this version you won’t have to deal with batteries, which can be a big hassle.

Wi-Fi Connection

The fact is that 1080p video requires a lot more bandwidth than 720p, and Ring made the right decision by incorporating Dual Band Wi-Fi into this new version. The dual band Wi-Fi makes it so that you aren’t limited to just the 2.4 GHz channel. You will also be able to make the most of the 5 GHz channel for faster transfer speeds as well as improved latency with less load time. This device connects directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to view and interact with it using the Ring App. This mobile app can be used on almost any Android or iPhone device.


Motion Detection

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro lets you create your own custom shaped zones for motion detection, which is a vast improvement over the previous model that didn’t allow you to do this. When you are looking at the camera view screen, you will be able to easily draw a number of different shapes to create custom zones that you want the motion detection technology to focus on. There are certain areas that you will most likely want to give more attention to than others when it comes to detecting potential intruders or just anyone who comes up to your door. Each zone cannot be adjusted for its own sensitivity level so that you only get alerted about what matters the most.

There is no doubt that motion detection is an incredibly important feature when it comes to a video doorbell. The original Ring Video Doorbell provided users with the freedom to adjust how sensitive the motion detection is. This new ability to create your own zones will definitely be something you’ll be grateful for.

Night Vision

It is of course important that you are able to see who comes to your door at night, and with the Ring Video Doorbell you will definitely have this ability. This video doorbell will make it easy to see who is in front of your house at any time of the night with the variety of infrared LED lights that are built in. This is yet another feature that you are going to love, especially if you get an unexpected knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio feature of this product will allow you to speak to whoever is at your front door so you can find out who they are and what they want. The small integrated microphone and speaker will be very useful when you want to get more information on who is at your door.

Customer Reviews

There are a ton of positive reviews for this product from people who have purchased and used it. One of the common things that a lot of people say about this product is that it really makes them feel safe and provides them with an easy way to see who is at their door at any given time.

“Great product and pretty easy install. I wanted some extra security for my home and after reading mixed reviews in the original product I decided to wait. Glad I did the pro model works very well and I was planning on hardwiring. Most complaints appear to be issues with Wi-Fi being too far away. My Wi-Fi is about 12′ from the front door and works flawlessly.”

-Peter T.


“The Ring doorbell is a INCREDIBLE piece of technology…I don’t think it should even be referred to as a “doorbell” since it does so much more that “ringing” when someone uses it. It pushes notifications whenever someone approaches the front door (motion sensor) or rings the doorbell and even allows me to speak to the person at the door.”

-GJ Wood


  • Very high quality 1080p video
  • You don’t have to deal with any batteries
  • Small discrete design
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision


  • The app can be a little slow and clunky




There are a lot of different wireless home security systems, but the Ring Video Pro is definitely one of the better products on the market today. This device offers an excellent way for you to see who is at your door at any time of the day or night. With incredibly useful features like motion detection and night vision, this product will likely offer even more than you’d expect. It is also definitely a huge improvement over the original Ring Video Doorbell in many different ways.

If you’re interested in hearing from some of the customers who purchased this product, you will definitely want to watch videos on Ring’s official website at https://ring.com/customer-stories.

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