Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

There are a lot of different home security cameras on the market that can be set up in a matter of minutes, and The Canary is definitely one of them. It is has a plug-and-play design that typically takes under 10 minutes to install. When connected to Wi-Fi, this home security device can provide you with a full view of the room in your home that you place it in. If you want the latest and greatest in home security monitoring, this is an option to look into.


The Canary Home Security System is available in three different colors, including white, black and silver. When you purchase this standalone device, you will receive a microUSB power adaptor as well as a secure setup cable that can plug right into your phone’s headphone socket. Connecting it to the internet can be done via Wi-Fi or even a direct Ethernet cable.

This home security camera has a total weight of 396g and measures 152 x 76.2mm. It has a great build quality and a very modern look that should fit it in with your home perfectly. One of the best and most brilliant things about this camera’s design is that it doesn’t look like a traditional surveillance camera at all.

There is also a very loud siren that you can activate with the Android or iOS app, depending on what kind of phone you have. This can make for an excellent way to deter any would-be burglars. This device is equipped with sensors that monitor the air quality, temperature and humidity of the room as well. It has the ability to detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ethanol, ISO butane and even cigarette smoke.


Video and Audio Quality

The Canary records video in crisp and clear 1080p video, which you can either live stream or view as recorded footage. The video quality is extremely impressive, especially for a camera that costs as little as this one. The quality of the video feed will somewhat depend on your internet connection, but it is great overall.

The audio quality from the built-in microphone is fairly good with no major problems. This device starts recording video and audio the moment that movement is detected. One of the small drawbacks is that you cannot specify a certain area within the field of vision to monitor for movement. Any movement anywhere in the camera’s field of vision will start it up. There is a sensitivity slider that can be adjusted so you do not receive quite as many alerts. 


The app that can be used with The Canary is available for the iPhone 4s or later as well as Android 4.0 devices and later. There are quite a few impressive things about this app, including just how easy to use it and effective it is. It supports Force Touch and allows you to press hard on the icon to select between numerous cameras before actually launching the app.

Privacy mode will disable the camera and microphone so that the footage won’t be recorded when you don’t want it to for whatever reason. The camera itself has an LED that will tell you which mode has been selected with a green light to indicate active, yellow for disarmed and no light at all for privacy mode.

With this software you will be able to watch live footage in all of the different modes other than privacy mode by just pressing the “watch live” button on the Home screen within the app. Overall, this mobile app offers a very effective and convenient way to access to your home security camera wherever you are.


Available for less than $150, the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device is definitely priced reasonably, especially when you compare it to so many other similar products on the market. If you are looking for a security camera that has a lot to offer for an affordable price, this one is certainly worth taking a close look at.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews for The Canary, most of which are overwhelmingly positive. Many people who have actually purchased this camera in the past have a lot of good things to say about it.

“I am really impressed with the Canary unit that I purchased. The instructions were easy to understand and setting the device up was a piece of cake. Setting up an account was also very easily done. I researched several home security products and was always put off by the expense, amount of set up required and the need to have a monthly monitoring service necessitating a monthly charge. After I stumbled on to Canary and did some research I purchased one. It is exactly what I was looking for.”

-Stan S.

A vast majority of people who have reviewed this product say that they love everything from the excellent video quality to how easy to use the software is.

“I bought this at first as more of a pet cam when we are traveling as well as a security device. It is super easy to set up and works as advertised. My wife thought I was nuts buying it, but now she loves it and se feels much better about leaving our cats at home since she can check in and see they are doing ok. I have not had any issues, and agree with some that their quite a few alerts, but they are easy to check off and see what is going on. Overall a great product, and I am really looking forward to more software updates as this application matures.”

-John Tuley


  • Excellent video and audio quality both with streaming and recorded footage.
  • Easy-to-use design that you shouldn’t have any problems with.
  • Monitors the air quality, temperature and humidity of your home.
  • No installation, contracts or monthly fees are required.
  • Comes with loud siren, motion-activated recording and instant access to local authorities.


  • Video can sometimes lag a little bit.
  • Alert that camera sends to phone can be difficult to hear.



When it comes to keeping your home safe from intruders and all sorts of dangers, the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device is definitely worth taking a very close look at. This device has a lot to offer for a fairly reasonable price. You should get all the features that you need to feel safe and secure, both while you are at home and away. While it may not be perfect, it is still one of the best wireless home security systems on the market.

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